Scary Narrations

I listen to a lot of creepy readings and I’ll be highlighting some of my favorites here…


With his growing collection of subscribers, The Crow Flies is rapidly becoming well known in the world of fledgling narrators. If you’ve given his channel even a moment of your time, you’re aware that he’s approaching the coveted half-a-thousand-subscriber mark and it’s for good reasons. Despite a slight, technical hiccup, Crow uploads regularly with a collection of stories and delicious collaborations that are perfectly on-brand with today’s style of horror fiction.

Not only will you be treated to a reliable, entertaining content creator, but Crow also hosts “Murder Mondays” where he narrates submitted stories, classic horror tales, and a variety of pastas from the wiki. I’ve enjoyed a few of these and found that they are a great way to socialize with likeminded horror fans or enjoy a night of creepy stories, or both; birds of a feather and all that.

I urge you give him a listen. You can find his channel below.

The Crow Flies


In every family, there is a crazy, fun uncle. We all know him. We all love him. Well, the horror-narration family is no different.

There is an abundance of niceties I can wax ecstatically about concerning this entry’s narrator, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. Uncle Ulric may be one of the hardest working horror and creepypasta narrators you’ve never heard of. Ulric regularly publishes quality content and the style of his story choice and ambient motif just begs you to curl up by a fire with a choice beverage and listen all night.

On the flip of his delectable narrations, Ulric is constantly, almost vigilantly, contributing to many other burgeoning and established channels alike. Whether it be collaborating with other narrators or graciously doling out financial or creative support, your good Uncle is tasking himself to make the horror-narration community the best it can be. I urge you to give him just a few minutes of your time, subscribe to his channel, and enjoy. Thank you.

Uncle Ulric on YouTube


Zombiecorn TalesofHorror is one of the best new channels in the world of micro-pasta narrations. The channel’s creator is constantly active in the horror narration community and her willingness to help out fellow content-creators is a refreshing site to see. If she’s not working on videos for her own channel, Zombiecorn is collaborating with other narrators on various projects to help them fuel and further their passions. Her videos, while short and sweet, feature original tales and a nice selection of guest narrators willing to return the kindness. If you’re looking for a soft, naturally emotive voice, I believe you’ll enjoy her channel.

Zombiecorn TalesofHorror



One of my personal favorite creepy narrators is Nordic Vampire. He tends to cruise just under the radar when compared to the more popular channels, but I believe that only adds to the charm of his channel. I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with him many times since I subscribed and he truly has a passion for his work, for the stories he chooses, and appreciation for his subscribers. Mr. Vampire provides a nice mix of modern Creepypastas, short scary stories – much like you would find on the subreddit of the same name – and a plethora of classics by The Brothers Grimm. If you’re interested in listening to a unique voice and a selection of stories not often narrated, then here you go!

Find him on YouTube at:  Nordic Vampire