Christian Neil was a brooding, solitary man who lived in the ageless, stone manor at the peak of McCausland Hill, at the edge of town. By day, he would walk the empty corridors of his home, laboring through the many tomes he so diligently acquired, hoping to gain an advantage over the powers that infect him. […]

Graveyard Shift, by Spookylady

Drac here, and I’m back with another fun, scary tale written by a talented author. Enjoy! ———————————————- Ted Barnes leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms above his head. He hated working night shift because it was always the least exciting. But he had the least seniority so he was stuck with it. Playing […]

I’m Part of An Urban Legend

Three nights ago, my son lost his first tooth and I haven’t been able to sleep since. If you’ve ever wondered how Urban Legends rise to the level of infamy, where the mere utterances of their name send cold shivers down your spine and cast reckless teenagers into unexplored corners of nearby graveyards, or hospitals, […]

What Is Going On In Mid-Missouri?

As I type this, I can see him outside my window. He’s been standing across the street from my house for an hour, but his voice… the way he talks to me sounds like he’s in my head. As a laugh, I applied for a job at a seasonal/Halloween attraction near my home in Jefferson […]

Letters From A Widow

The yawning, hoary necropolis of Belgrade-Mahn’s Cemetery was built on an elevated vista of rolling, green hills, and its faded grave-markers of limestone, or roughly hewn granite for its newer residents, greeted me each morning with a breathy, chilled air from the east. Only a hundred yards from the cemetery, the balcony of my third […]


Even the disconnecting blackness of sleep couldn’t prevent my subconscious from picking up on the panicked worry that filled the bedroom; whether it was emanating from myself or from a distant, foreboding presence, I could not tell. It was only after I awoke and my blurry gaze was captured by her form, standing in the […]

Her Name Is Luna

Written by: Augie Peterson The squad car headed out of town. We had just passed by the pet store when I saw a torn off piece of one of my fliers stuck to a telephone pole. The bottom part, preserved under some packing tape read “her name is Luna.” The rest had been ripped off. […]