About the Horror

First and foremost – thank you for visiting my humble site! I hope you enjoy what you find.

We are a community and we are horror.

My goal with this site is to create a community of horror enthusiasts, writers, and readers. There are a ton of places like this, on the web, and I’m just trying to carve out my own dark corner.

Like many of you reading this, I’ve had numerous, personal experiences with the paranormal and the unexplained and I feel that those events helped to shape what would become my very humble writing career. I’ve always been mildly obsessed with anything related to horror and have spent years amassing a cluttered collection of stories, both long and short, fiction and non.

Look for my series posts entitled ‘Haunted Me’ for my personal encounters with the paranormal!

After many years of trying to keep my writings organized, and failing miserably, I finally decided to hit the webs. I now have a home for the chaos and my doors are always open. Come in, look around, read a bit, and always be scared.