Even the disconnecting blackness of sleep couldn’t prevent my subconscious from picking up on the panicked worry that filled the bedroom; whether it was emanating from myself or from a distant, foreboding presence, I could not tell. It was only after I awoke and my blurry gaze was captured by her form, standing in the […]

Her Name Is Luna

Written by: Augie Peterson The squad car headed out of town. We had just passed by the pet store when I saw a torn off piece of one of my fliers stuck to a telephone pole. The bottom part, preserved under some packing tape read “her name is Luna.” The rest had been ripped off. […]

Clerical Error

It would be pointless to try to explain to you the letter I received or what laid out before me shortly thereafter, but I will do my best. My name is Stan Whitman Jr. and I was four years old the last time I saw my father. That was nineteen years ago. Honestly, I could […]

I’m Worried About My Sister

To say that my sister, Angela, and I were the closest siblings you’d ever meet would be a gross overstatement. At best, our relationship could be labeled as mutual–toleration. We were unabashed, almost aggressively, opposites on everything and one of use couldn’t so much as blow their nose without the other one trying to one-up […]

The House In Buford Hills

Nestled in a deep holler of the Saint Francois mountain range, is a house frozen in the reality of a charred demise. It is of simple enough size to be considered functional, but worthless, given its condition. Before a great fire effectively gutted the place, it had been hitherto the residence of a local miner, […]

Fall Into Grace

I awaken to another day of suffering within this precipice dungeon. Upon father’s enraged whim, I was banished to this cramped and musty mew innumerous days ago and the vulgarity I’ve endured during my time here feels eternal and unholy and is consummate in its brutality. A sickening detachment from the world I knew coalesces […]

The Days He Died

It was a day, precious, like every blissful day with her soulmate had been. The morning birds sang a tune just for them and their afternoon picnic, along the waterfront, was rightly more beautiful than the last. The two shared a resilient longing for one another and, in the eternity of each other’s arms, they […]